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Wow these guys are great to the point when I freak out when they just post art in general yea.

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sports hell



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Improvement Meme 2003-2014 by Sangcoon
Improvement Meme 2003-2014
i cant believe i wrote so much before. a full ten years now i cant believe

changing this again coz im procrastinating an essay. 2014 feels rather empty o<-< i didnt really challenge myself enough i think and i spent too much of the time drawing fanart and such for cons and 69min challenges on twitter... i feel like ive met a lot more people this year though since getting twitter and going to cons...? ehh... i got a new laptop at the start of the year and a cintiq recently. this laptop seems to make all my resized images to have really crisp edges come to think idk if people can see that LOL. cintiq is also interesting to use... the colours have failed to match those on my screen though so i think a lot of things i draw from now on might look a bit off OTL

oh and yea im neck deep in sports hell still

might change this at the end of the year if i draw anything better haha

oh and new laptop doesnt have century gothic wtf


2013 was... snk... snking...sinking into oblivion but its ok now coz i can sink into dmmd instead lmao kill me

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
[edit] thought id update it already! i found some old stuff lying around and changed the things for 2012 uwu/

For so long have I not done this meme, since I always wasn't sure if I had anything to put in for the really old stuff...

Most, if not all, are drawings I did are on my own accord, so drawings done for school or lessons or whatever aren't included... stuff that I was admit is much better than the stuff I have in this meme ahhaha...

Let's walk off into a short life story about my art.

I was never one to like drawing people. I always thought it was coz I never liked humans LOL /sent into outer space. So yea... I use to love drawing dogs and birds and horses.

Only in 2008 did I start to watch anime and later in 2009 manga. Before I thought it was all overrated and whatever, but then I watched wolf's rain which kinda pulled me in via the animal loving wolfaboo part of me haha. I joined dA. At the start it was all fun and games, I was still looking at me drawing as something I did sometimes. Everything was bad anatomy and just... bad. After living a long time being told by others I was pretty good at drawing... I was doubting it when I joined dA.

In 2009, I started to get really attached to neopets, subeta and gaiaonline. Esp with gaia and subeta, both which I never really got into coz I couldn't make money and buy anything. So yes, being a cheapskate asian person that wanted items on the sites, I started to draw humans! And on subeta, started to improve on anatomy and cellshading! Oh yes, judge me all you want but hell did I enjoy being fake currency rich and better at drawing.

At the end of 2010, I settled down to a stable style and thus in 2011 everything pretty much... looked the same. I felt like I plateaued and basically challenging myself with backgrounds and whatever... But... everything was fanart. Or at least it felt like that. I did make a lot of art that I guess I was proud of, one becoming a daily deviation. It was not a bad year, but doing the 2011 summary made me question it zzz

This year, 2012, being unhappy about how boring my art was, and how much I felt I didn't improve a lot last year, I started to embrace so much. I had also fallen into the abyss of homestuck, where the art wasn't all animu and mangos. I think I started to take in more different influences, such being well... western styled art. Not sure why I'm typing in past tense... I AM starting to change things. I'm painting more, trying to get anatomy better, thinking of better ideas and being more original, trying to do perspective, attempting more backgrounds. I'm stressed out about improving and being more welcoming to critique. I'm desperate to know what makes art good and bad. I'm trying to understand how to be better... I know people say "draw for fun", and I am having fun... but I want something more out of my drawings other than enjoyment... I want to be better.

A lot has already happened this year for me. But I hope for more to happen later this year.

I feel like I wrote a speech about myself that no one will ever read.

Good job sang, if only you could be this good with your essays.

I'll add more stuff at the end of the year before we all die or something okok

Original by: Kamaniki


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 3:55 PM

list for SS things
i wasnt gonna post this publicly but i thought ehh if you want to read up on my ocs??? i dunno


yells i barely ever draw my ocs outside of my sketchbook butbutbut they exist

umm they all exist in the same universe which is sorta a 1880 fantasy/steampunk one. theyre part of a circus i guess???? its been too long since ive thought about their story OTL

feel free to play around with their designs, esp if you like details etc!! everything im putting in this post is sorta self indulgent tbh since i never post anything about my ocs;;;


  • name: callista
  • age: about 19-20 in appearance, but a lot older than that zzz
  • species: vampire
  • ethnicity inspiration: french
  • gender: androgynous but shes a girl and she wont deny being a girl but it doesnt stop her from parading around as a dude i guess so i guess shes a bit gender fluid
  • height: 165cm
  • personality: [ISTJ] snarky, sarcastic, likes to tease and poke fun of people, loyal, doesnt like injustice but doesnt mean her own actions are very just, not really the most trustworthy, a bit snobby tbh, the kinda person that laughs behind your back, her life is very valuable to herself
  • likes: bunnies and roses, people listening to her, getting a cute reaction when she annoys people
  • background: she used to be a slave girl that was abused and such on a little country farm but then she killed them after becoming a vampire and basically thats the basis of her morals. 
  • etc: she likes to keep her nails sharp sometimes wearing those jewellery claw things on her fingers


  • name: dareniya
  • age: 16
  • species: human
  • ethnicity inspiration: east asian
  • gender: girly girl
  • height: 158cm
  • personality: [ENFJ] very determined if shes got something she wants so shes rather stubborn, selfless, passionate, relatively hardworking, doesnt do too well under stress, rather self conscious, quick to trust people even if she can be wary at first
  • likes: flowers, pretty things, being of use
  • background: shes like high royalty in the district she belongs to. the place in the universe… the eastern/asian countries a divided into flower types, each with a flower that represents them… dareniyas a really old character so she just has boring sakuras /laughs. theres political unrest in her state and shes actually part of a group of like rebels??? not really rebelling though just behind the scenes things maybe…
  • etc: shes a tight rope walker so she has really good balance and can do some acrobatics. she also has a mini oriental parasol?? which she uses to whack people with lol


  • name: xavier
  • age: 21
  • species: vampire
  • ethnicity inspiration: maybe a bit central to east european
  • gender: mandude
  • height: 179cm
  • personality: [ESTP] a giant asshole really, enjoys taunting people, often appears to be egotistic, rather brutal sometimes, rash, doesnt like to be hopeful, irresponsible, straight to the point, even though hes an ass he still can be bro when it comes to people problems/dealing with shit, hes actually a pretty caring guy
  • likes: sexxx, to be an asshole, having a good time
  • background: born into a hunter family so at an early age he was forced to become like his fams etc he doesnt really like to kill but he does it and doesnt show how he actually feels. people dont really like him both as human and vamp. hes pretty good at being a hunter. he acts like he has full control of everything like his thirst but he actually doesnt…
  • etc: he has a vampire bite scar on the right side of his neck that doesnt heal so he covers it up with the scarf, his boots have braces to protect him from leg based injuries coz a downed vampire is a dead vampire yea


  • name: dihanie
  • age: 19
  • species: werewolf
  • ethnicity inspiration: east european, sorta gypsy
  • gender: mandude
  • height: 175cm
  • personality: [INFJ] shy and quiet, doesnt do well in social situations and likes to be alone, doesnt really fight back when hes attacked verbally/physically etc but wont hesitate when it comes to defending people he cares about, even though hes quiet he can make rather nonchalant with his replies, usually calm and collected until you hit the right switch, compliant
  • likes: stories/books, peaceful nights
  • background: stories loosely based off red riding hood. he mother was actually bitten while she was preggos in like the last month so she wolfs out and the village/caravan crew end up killing her only to pull out a weak and flail baby from her womb. the village are scared of him and avoid him and he lives with an aunt that despises him and hates that she has to take care of him until they toss him out and make him live alone in i guess the animal shelter?? bullied by like everyone except for the granddaughter of the village shaman (whos the one that like turned dihanies mother) 
  • etc: his name means monster/wild beast in romanian, he was born a halfie so he got the benefits of better control and relatively ok regen but landed himself shit eyesight + thinly, hes illiterate so when he looks at books he tries to remember the stories that were read to him

xavier and dihanie are yaois tbh i like to ship them even though they arent story canon lol bye


zzzz no ref sheet like the rest for this guy //maybe in the future lazy

  • name: cecil
  • age: 26
  • species: undead/vampire its hard to explain
  • ethnicity inspiration: maybe a bit russian who even knows
  • gender: mandude
  • height: 211cm
  • personality: [ISTJ] cynical, miserable and hates being alive no one knows how to kill him, remorseless, inconsiderate, is there even anything nice about him
  • likes: getting into peoples head and making him feel like shit, rats for food
  • background: shit happened and his father experimented on him by implanting a vampire heart and then cut him up blahblah and he sorta become truely immortal like no one can figure out how to kill him. basically he had a shitty past and he takes it out on everyone laughs
  • etc: his regen ability isnt very good so some wounds dont really heal so he has stitches, bony and hunches, his teeth make it hard for him to drink blood so it ends up looking like hes eating flesh like a zombie lol


  • name: chaslocke
  • age: 18
  • species: werewolf??? reverse werewolf??
  • ethnicity inspiration: uhh not really sure assume central european
  • gender: girlygirl
  • height: 163cm
  • personality: [ESFP] hyperactive, dense, not very familiar with human customs, probably more dog than human lol
  • likes: meat, attention
  • background: i dont have much for her tbh LOL
  • etc: speaks broken english and doesnt really understand half the things going on around her, spends more time as a doge than person

IF HOWEVER YOU DONT WANT TO DRAW OCS?? please draw me cute midousakas or kurokens??? a-at the zoo/pet shop or something 

itd also be really cool if you did witch hunter fanart!!! no one ever draws it coz its so niche o<-<


for SecretSanta-2014
i dont mind whatever im getting as long as theres effort and whatnot! you can do whatever im fine with anything.
i dont mind what im drawing either im flexible.

  • Mood: Tired
  • Drinking: not enough water
new watchfeed is making me unwatch every group im part of


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i like chickens
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Happy Birthday~
Wed Apr 9, 2014, 4:33 PM
*rolls around in pretty snk icons*
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wtf even
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happy birthday shout
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Happy birthday shout!
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Fri Feb 15, 2013, 1:36 PM
Let me just die here because beautiful art //chokedie
Wed Jan 2, 2013, 5:52 PM
Sat Dec 22, 2012, 11:58 PM

welcome to nz

to smithereens!


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If you can make it then please RSVP so we know you are coming. Even if you will be there a bit later than when it starts that's okay too but we still need you to RSVP. So again, hope to see you there! :D (Big Grin)

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